Fractional COO Branding and Website

Mockups of KPI's new website on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.


  • Owner-operator was struggling to connect with his target audience.
  • Original branding didn’t reflect his energy, personality, or goals.
  • Was trying multiple marketing tactics (social media, blogs, newsletters), but no trackable results.
  • Marketing was not driving results.


  • Brand development to create a cohesive look, feel, voice, and tone.
  • A new, custom website built with accessibility and user-centered design.
  • Budget-conscious marketing strategy focused on establishing visibility first.
  • Measured and monitored web analytics that prove tactics are working.
KPI Stylescape, a collage of orange and green colors, san serif typography, icons, ads, and example web pages that work together to illustrate the look and feel for the brand.


Strategic Brand Builders has been a game-changer for my business. Before partnering with Trent, Emily and the team, I struggled to connect with my target audience, my branding felt off, and my marketing efforts were ineffective. They revamped my branding, created an outstanding custom website, and implemented a marketing strategy that delivered impressive results. Strategic Brand Builders is not just an agency; they are true partners in success and I consider them an extension of the KPI team.

Jeff Provost
CEO, Key Performance Integrators


Mockups of KPI's old website vs new, KPI's old logo vs new, examples of KPI's new custom icons, KPI's new photography, and new color palette.

Year Over Year Results

  • 1,000% increase in clicks
  • 618% increase in impressions
  • 28 product keywords on 1st page of Google

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