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Co-Op Insurance was struggling to create consistent leads from their Google Ads. Their vendor kept insisting on increasing their budget in order to get more impressions, but the leads just weren’t converting.

The Google Ads campaign included a variety of property and casualty B2C insurance products — homeowners insurance, condo insurance, co-op insurance, and renters insurance. They were spending a few thousand dollars a month and couldn’t imaging paying more if the results didn’t improve.


It was uncovered that the vendor built a horrible campaign. We started from scratch — honed in the targeting on keywords, decreased the bids until we proved we could get conversions, expanded targeting once we had things clicking, and constantly monitored and improved the landing page experience.

Further, we put retargeting campaigns and nurture campaigns in place so that leads that didn’t respond to sales’ outreach continued to be targeted at a fraction of the cost of initial conversion.


  • 4900% increase in monthly leads

    Monthly conversions went from 1 per month to 50 leads per month

  • 97% decrease in CPL

    Cost Per Lead went from $1,500 down to $35

  • 20% conversion rate

    Competitors’ industry pages average a conversion rate of just 2% – 10%

From months of yielding a single lead to consistent leads the sales team could depend on.

Google Ads line graph showing single digit conversions per month in 2017 rising to almost 1700 per month through 2023.

We took the cost per acquisition from thousands of dollars to about $60 per lead.

Google Ads line graph showing conversions costs per month in 2017 peaking at nearly $2100 dropping down to $63.58 per month through 2023.


I couldn’t believe how poorly our account was setup! We later found out the agency was bidding on keywords around “Jetski rentals” when we were hoping to get leads for rental insurance. WTF.

Trent really turned our ads around. Our sales team consistently gets 30 – 50 leads per month from our Google ads. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our account.

F.M. Conte
HCP Insurance

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