Personal Injury Lawyers Branding and Website

Mockups of Baker Law Office's new website on desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone.


  • Website did not appear in any organic search results.
  • Lawyers’ information was inconsistent across the internet.
  • Old website was out of date in both design and information.
  • Information and presentation was unmemorable.


  • Build new site with accessibility and inclusivity at the forefront to accommodate users affected by trauma.
  • Focus new branding on unique brand archetype: the Caregiver.
  • Optimize directory information and made consistent across the internet.
  • Targeted competitive keywords to gain substantial rankings.
Baker Law Office Stylescape, a collage of orange and green colors, san serif typography, icons, ads, and example web pages that work together to illustrate the look and feel for the brand.


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Richard Mandell
Baker Law Office


Mockups of Baker Law Office's old website vs new, Baker Law Office's old logo vs new, examples of Baker Law Office's new custom icons, Baker Law Office's new photography, and new color palette.

Year Over Year Results

  • 160% increase in clicks
  • 858% increase in impressions
  • 15 law practice keywords on 1st of Google

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